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Death Notifications   Year - 2004

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Moreno, Lopez, Marcelino , Fr. January 5, 2004 V. Province O.L. of Guadalupe, Mexico

Barker, Barnabas, Fr. February 3, 2004 Immaculate Conception Province, USA

Mazic, Bono, Fr. June 13, 2004 Province of St. Jerome, Croatia

Midili, Theodore, Fr. June 27, 2004 Immaculate Conception Province, USA

Carroll, Edmund, Fr. August 1, 2004 Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Province, USA

McKinney, Francis, Fr. August 24, 2004 Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Province, USA


Prot. Nº 6/2004

Rome, January 10, 2004

Subject: Notification of the death of Fr. Alfonso Marcelino Moreno, TOR, of the Vice Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico

In the hospital Satélite di Città del Messico at 3:45 p.m. on the afternoon of Monday, January 5, 2004, our brother

Fr. Alfonso Marcelino Moreno López, TOR.

was called home to the house of the Father.

From the beginning of his time in the Order, Fr. Alfonso was known by the nickname "Kempes." He was born to Jesus Moreno Olvera and Leonor Lopez Trujillo in Mexico on June 2, 1957. He is survived by his parents, four sisters and three brothers. Alfonso was a parishioner in the Parish of Divine Providence (Colonia Moctezuma) where he was also a member of the Franciscan Youth. He was a passionate soccer player during most of his life.

Fr. Alfonso was baptized in the Parish of Sagrario Metropolitano di Mexico on February 19, 1958, and received the sacrament of Confirmation on July 2, 1960, in the Cattedrale di Mexico from Bishop Darío Miranda.

Alfonso entered the Order as a postulant on August 15, 1983 in the house for professed students - which at that time was the student house of the Mexican Commissariate on Via Viena. He was admitted into the novitiate on August 21, 1983 and was invested and professed his first vows on August 19, 1984, into the hands of Fr. Esteban Jasso Gonzalez in the chapel of the seminary of Our Lady of the Angels. He received the ministry of Lector on December 24, 1987, in the house of formation, Raymond Lull, from the Minister Provincial, Fr. Sebastian Taberner Adrover. He was admitted into Solemn Vows by Fr. Esteban Jasso Gonzalez on August 13, 1988, in the Parish "Santo Reyes."

Alfonso was ordained to the deaconate on August 20, 1988, in the Parish of Divine Providence (Del Valle) and was ordained to the presbyterate on February 19, 1989, in the Parish of Divine Providence (Moctezuma). Bishop Abelardo Alvarado Alcàntara was the ordaining bishop for both occasions.

He finished his philosophical studies in the Istituto Teologico di Studi Superiori (1983-1984) and in the Università Intercontinental (1984-1985) and continued his studies in theology at the Università Intercontinental (1985-1989).

After his ordination to the priesthood, Alfonso had the opportunity to complete his studies in Madrid, where he finished a License in Theology at the University of Salamanca. He was then assigned to the Collegio of Raymond Lull from August 25, 1989, to July 15, 1991. At the same time he was assigned as parochial vicar at the Parish of San Diego di Alcalà in Madrid. Upon his return to Mexico in the Spring of 1991 he was assigned to the house of formation, Antonio Ripoll (Coyoacan) as the director of the students in Solemn Vows who were close to ordination.

Alfonso was named Local Minister of the fraternity of Our Lady of the Angels in Atizapan and director of the Casa della Gioventù in October, 1993. During this same period (1993-1997) he was also a part of the Council of the Mexican Commissariat. From 1997 to 2001 he served as Local Minister of the house of formation, Raymond Lull of Tlalpan. In November of 2001 the Provincial Congregation gave its permission for him to establish a Franciscan Center for the catechesis and formation of children.

The activities in the field of education that Fr. Alfonso was able to facilitate were numerous. He collaborated in a dynamic and creative way in the pastoral department at the Università Intercontinental (1991-1992) and at the Università de La Salle (2001-2003). He founded and directed the pastoral departments at the Collegio J.F. Kennedy of the Dominican Sisters (1992-1997) and the Comunità Ispanoamericana (1997-2003). During this time he also helped out occasionally in the Centro Universitario Mexico of the Marist Brothers, the Collegio Francesce Pasteur of the Sisters of Providence, and the educational community of St. Thomas More.

During the time he was a student of theology in 1986, Alfonso contracted cancer which he fought for the rest of his life. Everyone who met him reports that the battle was truly miraculous because the fight made him holy and it appeared at one time that he had defeated the cancer. Perhaps in beating it one time made him hope that he would be able to do it again. However, this time the disease was much more aggressive. In August of 2003 he started to suffer from a cancer in the stomach which eventually also affected his liver. He embarked on months of medical visits and tests and finally was hospitalized on December 15 at the hospital Satélite di Città del Messico. Alfonso bravely fought the cancer for 21 days in the hospital, but finally fell asleep in the Lord on January 5, 2004.

On the day of his death a Mass was celebrated for Fr. Alfonso in the parish of Our Lady of Hope in the presence of his family, a number of his religious brothers, and a numerous group of friends. The Mass was celebrated by the Minister Provincial, Fr. Mateo Garcia Redondo. On January 6 another Mass was celebrated for Fr. Alfonso by Fr. Celso Francisco Pirron Robles, a friend and brother which whom he shared a great friendship and who had accompanied him during his final days in the hospital.

Alfonso was a person well respected and appreciated by many friends who stayed by him during the most difficult times of his cancer. To all these people we express our most sincere gratitude.

On January 13, 2004, at 8 p.m. the Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated for Fr. Alfonso in the parish of Our Lady of Hope by the Minister Provincial, Fr. Mateo Garcia Redondo, in the presence of his family and all the members of the Vice Province. At this time, the Minister Provincial, in the name of all the brothers bade a final farewell to our brother "Kempes".

His body was laid in the crypt in the parish of Our Lady of Hope.

Please apply the prescribed suffrages according to articles 61-67 of the General Statutes for the repose of the soul of Fr. Alfonso Marcelino Moreno, TOR.

Fr. Corpus Izquierdo, TOR
General Secretary



Barker TOR

Subject:     Death of Father Barnabas W. Barker, T.O.R.
                 Province of the Immaculate Conception,  USA

Fr. Barnabas Barker, TOR

General Constitution 110

In imitation of Saint Francis, let the friars accept death joyfully as the last offering of their lives and as the passageway to the glory of God.  The celebration of death should give clear witness to the faith and hope they place in the resurrection of Jesus.   As a sign of fraternal union, deceased friars, relatives, friends and benefactors are remembered with gratitude in accord with the proper law.

Candle20Gifsingcand.gif (49131 bytes)

On 3 February 2004, at the age of seventy-nine, our brother,

Fr. Barnabas Barker, T.O.R.

died unexpectedly at Saint Anthony  Friary, Salem, Iowa.  The small friary where Father Barnabas lived alone in Iowa caught fire.  The primary cause of Father Barnabas’ death has still not been determined.   He was not unprepared, though, for Sister Death. In a letter to the Provincial Secretary, dated 19 October, 2003, he included his own obituary.  The obituary was prefaced by the remark: “I am moving up in years.  I would like to be prepared in case Sister Death gives me an unexpected visit.”  

            Father Barnabas was born in Brooklyn, New York on November 8, 1924.  His father William Joseph and mother Helen (Whittman) Barker preceded him in death.  He is survived by his sister Grace and brother-in-law, Richard Bausch of Deer Park, New York, and the friars of the Franciscan Province of the Immaculate Conception.

            Father Barnabas’ name at birth was William George.  He converted to the Roman Catholic faith at the age of twenty-one and was baptized on March 31, 1945 at Saint Clement Catholic Church in South Ozone Park, New York.  In 1948 he became a postulant at Highland Hall, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania.  He entered the novitiate at Saint Bernardine Monastery, Kladder Station, Pennsylvania in 1949.  He was the last surviving member of his novitiate class. Father Barnabas professed his first vows on September 2, 1950 and made solemn vows on the same date in 1953.   Father Barnabas attended Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., where he studied theology and psychology.  He was ordained a priest on June 7, 1958 at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception by the Most Reverend John McNamara. 

After completing a fifth year of theological studies at Highland Hall, Father Barnabas began active ministry as a retreat director and confessor for communities of sisters in Pennsylvania.  In 1963 he moved to Little Falls, Minnesota and served as chaplain at the motherhouse for the Franciscan sisters while living at Saint Francis Friary.    After a further year of studies in the psychology department at Catholic University, Father Barnabas became the Catholic chaplain at the Mental Health Institute in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. In another Province correspondence, Father Barnabas wrote:  “I had a great desire to help the mentally ill and God gave me that joy.”  Father Barnabas also served for many years as the chaplain at the Mount Pleasant Correctional Institute. He retired from active ministry in 1997 but continued to volunteer to offer Mass for the prisoners.

Father Barnabas will be fondly remembered for his uniqueness, sense of humor, and frankness.  He lived a quiet life among his beloved animals, his friends and the outcasts of society that he served so faithfully for many years.  Messages of condolence may be sent to Mrs. Grace Bausch, 240 West 19th Street, Deer Park, New York  11729. 

A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated at Saint Bernardine Monastery, Kladder Station, Pennsylvania on Monday, February 16th at 11:00 a.m.  Visitation took place at Saint Bernardine Monastery one hour before the funeral.    Father Barnabas will be buried beside his confreres in the community cemetery at Kladder Station.

In Christ,

Br. David Liedl, T.O.R.
Provincial Secretary     

General Statutes

64.           §1     For the soul of every deceased friar, each priest of the Province to whom the deceased belongs celebrates one Mass.  In other Provinces, one Mass for the deceased is celebrated in each fraternity.

66.           Besides the suffrages previously mentioned all the friars shall pray the Liturgy of the Hours as a suffrage on the indicated days.      




Prot. Nº 48/2004

Subject: Notification of the death of Fr. Bono Mazic, TOR,
of the Province of St. Jerome, Croatia

Fr. Bono Mazic, T.O.R.

On the feast of St. Anthony 2004, at the age of 81, 63 years in religious life and 56 years a priest, our confrere Fr. Bono Mazic met Sister Death in our house for the aged beside the St. Francis Friary in Odra, Zagreb.

Fr. Bono was born to his parents Rocco and Maria (née Soric) Mazic on August 20, 1923. After elementary school in Perko, he went to our minor seminary in which he completed his program in classical studies. In 1940 he entered our order and the following year he made simple vows. In 1947, he professed solemn vows. After his philosophical and theological studies, begun during the war in our convents in Skoljic and Zaglav, and completed after the war in Split and Zagreb, he was ordained a priest in 1948 in Zagreb.

After his priestly ordination until 1962 he served as parochial vicar in Krk, Zagreb, and Split, and for three years as pastor in Tounj. In this period and after, when he was the superior first at Zadar (1972-1976) and then at Split (1976-1982), he was very active as a popular confessor and mission preacher. Very often he even gave retreats to religious communities. From 1966 til 1971 he was master of the professed in Zagreb.

In 1977 he became a member of the neo-catechumenate movement and remained active in it as an itinerant preacher almost until the end of his life, visiting many cities outside of Croatia. In 1991, he went to Valjevo, Serbia, and, in accordance with those responsible for the neo-catechumenate, asked the Archbishop of Belgrade, Franc Perko to serve as pastor of a small community of the catholic faithful. He undertook this mission for two years during a very difficult period due to the Serbian military aggression in Croatia after their declaration of independence.

In 2000, he returned from Serbia to Split. Because of his progressive sclerosis he was transferred to the house for the aged, first at Split and later in February of this year to Odra, next to the friary, where he died.

A Mass of Christian burial was celebrated for Fr. Bono Mazic by Bishop Ivan Prenda, the Archbishop of Zadar. Many of our friars, diocesan clergy, religious sisters, and numerous faithful friends were present for the celebration. His mortal remains were placed in the friars tomb in the cemetery.

Please apply the prescribed suffrages according to articles 61-67 of the General Statutes for the repose of the soul of Fr. Bono Mazic, TOR.

Fr. Corpus Izquierdo, TOR
General Secretary





Subject: Death of Father Theodore Midile, T.O.R.
of the Province of the Immaculate Conception, USA
On 27 June 2004, at the age of sixty-seven, our brother,

Fr. Theodore Midile, T.O.R.

died at Winchester Medical Center, Winchester, Virginia, after battling many years of poor health.

Father Theodore was born in Johnstown, PA 19 April 1937. His father, Antonio, his mother, Iconaeetera (Cavallieri) Midile, and his sister, Leona Messina, preceded him in death. He was the youngest of five children. He is survived by two sisters: Mary Midile and Philomena Karwoski, and one brother, the Most Reverend Fr. Bonaventure Midili, T.O.R. His other brothers in religion, the friars of the Franciscan Province of the Immaculate Conception, also deeply mourn his loss along with many relatives, friends, and the many needy men and women whom Fr. Theodore so generously helped over the years.

From his earliest years Fr. Theodore enjoyed a connection to the Third Order Friars through Saint Anthony’s Church in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He was baptized Anthony Raymond on 20 June 1937 by Fr. Anthony Balistieri, T.O.R. Fr. Louis Hileman, T.O.R. was pastor at the time. He graduated from Johnstown Central Catholic High School on 24 May 1955. Shortly thereafter he applied and was accepted as a Candidate at Highland Hall, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. He was invested by Very Reverend Augustine Cestario, T.O.R., Minister Provincial, on 23 June 1956. Fr. Theodore professed his first vows on 24 June 1957 and made solemn vows three years later on 9 July 1960. Fr. Theodore attended Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. He was ordained a priest on 6 June 1964 at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

After ordination Fr. Theodore returned to Highland Hall as an instructor until he took up a post as a chaplain in the Air Force. He provided consistent and faithful service to the community for many years. While living at Saint Thomas More Friary in Washington, D.C. he served as Mission Procurator from 1973 - 1978. In 1978 he was appointed to the Financial Advisory Committee and Assistant to the Provincial Econome. These appointments were renewed in 1982 for another four-year term. He also served during that same time as Provincial Secretary while living at the Provincial Residence in Silver Spring, Maryland. In 1982, Fr. Theodore accepted an appointment as temporary administrator of the Mission of the Risen Lord in Clay, West Virginia. His good work there was recognized by Bishop Hodges of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston. In 1984, at the request of Bishop Hodges and the approval of the Provincial and Council, Fr. Theodore was asked to pursue ministry possibilities in Jefferson County, West Virginia, and to be the administrator of Priestfield Pastoral Center. He served there with enthusiasm for the next sixteen years.

It is in his role as Administrator of Priestfield that many of the friars will remember Fr. Theodore. The meaning of those sixteen years of dedicated service was well-expressed in a letter from the Very Reverend Robert D’Aversa, T.O.R. to Fr. Theodore dated 8 March 2000. Fr. Theodore was moving from Priestfield to Sacred Heart Friary in White Post, Virginia to attend to increasing health concerns. Regarding his years of service at Priestfield, Fr. Robert wrote: "We, ourselves, have generations of happy memories and stories that are rooted in Priestfield and part of our corporate nostalgia. These gatherings engendered positive feelings among the friars and focused our determination to more faithfully respond to our vocation. You provided the environment for that to happen, an ambience of family and hospitality. That was your loving concern. My hope is that you come away with a sense of a job well done and the satisfaction that you helped to make holy ground happen for many groups and individuals." Truly, Fr. Theodore was a man of remarkable hospitality, compassion, generosity and wit. May he be welcomed into God’s embrace as warmly as he welcomed the friars and so many others.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord;
and let perpetual light shine upon him.
May his soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God rest in peace.




Subject: Death of Father Francis McKinney, T.O.R.
of the Province of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, USA
Fr. Francis McKinney, TOR – 96 years of age,
76 years Professed, 70 years Ordained.
Loretto, Pennsylvania, USA

Fr. Francis McKinney, T.O.R.

On the evening of August 24, 2004, Fr. Francis McKinney, TOR, a son of the Province of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, entered eternal life at Sacred Heart Friary, White Post, VA. For the past several years, Fr. Francis resided at Sacred Heart Friary, and was devoted to the ministry of prayer. Over the past few months, Fr. Francis’s health continued to weaken.

Fr. Francis was the senior member of the Province, born in Philadelphia, PA on July 21, 1908. He was the son of the late Charles and Ellen (McCarthy) McKinney. He entered the TOR Community in 1924 at St. Francis Prep School in Loretto, PA. He graduated from the Prep School and entered the Novitiate in 1927, professing first vows in 1928. Fr. Francis continued his education at St. Francis College and Seminary, Loretto, and was Ordained to the Priesthood in 1934. He continued graduate studies at Columbia University in New York, and earned a Master’s degree in Spanish from Middlebury College in Vermont.

During his eighty years with the TOR community, Fr. Francis faithfully devoted himself to each and every assignment he received. He taught on the faculty of St. Francis Prep School, in Spring Grove, Pa. and on the faculty of both St. Francis Seminary and University in Loretto. For a period of time he served as religious superior of Portiuncula Friary in Washington, D.C, and also as director of formation for TOR students for the priesthood at Mount Assisi Friary in Loretto. He worked in pastoral ministry, as pastor of St. Egbert’s Church in Morehead City, North Carolina, and as hospital chaplain and nursing home chaplain in Opa Locka and West Palm Beach Florida. In each of these assignments he ministered as a true son of St. Francis.

Fr. Francis was an avid athlete, and many will remember him for his love of golf, and in a particular way, tennis, which he continued to play until he was 90 years of age.

He also had a deep love for the seashore, and often spent his summer vacation at Cape May, New Jersey, where he had family. He developed a wonderful friendship with Mrs. Rose Leo, who operated efficiency units in Cape May. It was that friendship that led to Mrs. Leo donating the property in Cape May to the Province. The Friars of the Province are grateful for Mrs. Leo’s friendship with Fr. Francis, and her benefaction to us, for this house has become the Vacation House for the Province.

The Funeral Mass for Fr. Francis McKinney, TOR was held in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, St. Francis University, Loretto, PA., on Saturday, August 28, 2004. The Very Rev. Christian R. Oravec, TOR, Minister Provincial, was the principal celebrant, with Friars of both the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Conception Provinces present and concelebrating. Fr. Francis was interred in the Franciscan Friars Cemetery in Loretto. May he rest in peace.

Fr. Richard Davis, TOR - Provincial Secretary

Please apply the prescribed suffrages according to articles 61-67 of the General Statutes for the repose of the soul of Fr. Francis McKinney, TOR.


Fr. Corpus Izquierdo, TOR
General Secretary